This story starts 40 years ago on the planet earth according to the ideas of The Humaneer. Pen Rami figures out how to grow an “idea of self“ into prefabricated human clones. He figures out how to tailor make different IOS for different applications.


This story starts before time and space began…..has three Acts, and Act 1 starts 4 billion years ago on the planet earth according to the ideas of the Big Bang, natural selection, and the laws of nature as we currently think of them. Act 2 starts 6 million ya in Africa when Humans emerged fromContinue reading “Evolution”

The Gemini Stone

This story starts 32 thousand years ago….The Gemini Stone allows life forms to switch place with each other. When switched, each life form experiences the body and the mind of the other and can adjust behavior of the body based on their awareness only. I.e the story is an example of what seeing through someoneContinue reading “The Gemini Stone”

Odor The Body

This story starts today….Odor the body is a character designed to illustrate the method. What does the body feel and see, and what does it do, especially in service of the mind and its ideas?